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Helping you love yourself as God loves you through transformation of the body and mind.


We understand that each individual is uniquely made, thus every exercise plan is uniquely tailored to your needs, concerns, goals, and wellness. We provide live one-on-one personal training based on a custom schedule that works with your crazy calendar. 

Marshall Fitness is glad to provide in home training for those who have an at home gym, zoom sessions, and more. We abide by COVID-19 guidelines to keep you & your loved ones safe.


We love food, and food is vital to your transformation journey. Unfortunately as humans we often abuse, confuse, and misuse food. When you join Marshall Fitness, you are given a custom dietary plan based on your goals, allergies, and habits. The best part? We will provide you customization of your favorite recipes into health conscious options and provide inspiration to fuel your body well. 



At Marshall Fitness, we believe that you are made in the image of God and you are perfect just as you are. Your mental and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health. Through our time together, you will be encouraged, uplifted, and motivate to embrace who you are as a child of God and how to walk in confidence. 

We even have the #MarshallFitFam, a place where you can connect with other clients to celebrate wins, share ideas, and support each other through setbacks. 

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