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Hello future #MarshallFitFam, I'm Jason Marshall, founder and coach of Marshall Fitness. I am so excited that you're deciding to go on this transformation journey and I am so proud of you! I wanted to tell you about myself to encourage and to motivate you as you embark on this lifestyle change. 

At the heaviest weight I've ever been at, I was 300 pounds. I was out of shape, exhausted, eating poorly, and suffering mentally. Over the course of my weight loss journey, I tried every diet and weight loss program out there. At the height of my weight loss journey, I had lost 120 pounds. BUT, fitness isn't just losing weight; fitness is a lifestyle change.

I realized that the number on the scale wasn't the only measure of progress in my life, I had to do a better job at taking care of myself. Through the grace of God and some great friends, I spent years improving my health through this multifaceted approach of moving my body, fueling my body, and loving my body. In that time, I have run a half marathon, a tough mudder, spartan races, and more. Working in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, I learned a lot about how unhealthy food is; but I also learned how to make some of our favorite foods healthy again.


As a father and husband, I understand how busy and challenging life can be; and that is why Marshall fitness exists. We provide real lifestyle plans for real people with real schedules and produce real results that go beyond a scale.



Transformation Specialist, ISSA

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